Case Closed #2: Stolen from the Studio

In this wildly entertaining and interactive adventure, YOU pick which suspects to interview, which questions to ask, and which clues to follow. You pick the path—you crack the case!

Carlos Serrano needs your help—again! His mother has received an urgent assignment to find the missing star of a wildly popular TV show, but she won’t let Carlos investigate!

With his genius friend, Eliza, and her little brother, Frank, along for the case, Carlos is excited to examine the studio for clues and interrogate suspects on the set of Teen Witch, but he has to keep his detective work hidden from his mother's laser-sharp gaze. And just like before, he can’t do it without you!

Can you help Carlos and his friends solve the puzzles and stay out of trouble long enough to save Layla Jay? Or will it be case closed?

*Praise for the Case Closed book series*

Sold in seven territories: US/Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, UK

"The various options mean the story takes on a new flavor with every reading. The puzzles are based in learning, so readers work to solve each clue before moving on to the next . . . Magaziner blends the fun of interactive stories with a suspenseful mystery and delightful characters."

"The 'choose your own adventure' format adds a fun
twist, offering readers different options, like whom to interview, what to examine, and which clues to follow. The strength of the book is in the riddles that readers must solve
in order to move forward in the mystery. VERDICT: 
An entertaining romp that will appeal to fans of humorous mysteries."
-School Library Journal


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