About the Author

Lauren Magaziner grew up in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where she spent her childhood with her nose in a book and her fingers curled over a keyboard.

Lauren studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at Hamilton College. She wrote her debut novel, The Only Thing Worse Than Witches, while studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland her Junior year. In addition to writing a book in Scotland, Lauren also herded sheep, attended a royal wedding, witnessed a waddling parade of penguins, spotted the Loch Ness monster, and stuck her face in a fairy river of eternal youth.

After college, Lauren Magaziner worked on two delightful Scholastic magazines, where many of her coworkers didn't believe her last name was real. She currently lives in Philadelphia, where she writes full-time.

Lauren is the author of:
-The internationally bestselling pick-your-own-path mystery series CASE CLOSED series, meant to be read in any order
     Book 1: Mystery in the Mansion
     Book 2: 
Stolen from the Studio
Book 3: Haunting at the Hotel
     Book 4: Danger on the Dig
-The heavily-illustrated epic fantasy series for readers ages 6 to 10 called THE MYTHICSwith illustrations by Mirelle Ortega (This author begs you to please read this series in order)
     Book 1: Marina and the Kraken
     Book 2: Hailey and the Dragon
     Book 3: Kit and the Nine-Tailed Fox
     Book 4: Ember and the Phoenix (releasing 12/3/24)
-Upcoming: a brand new fantasy vs. tech middle grade series called THE INCORRUPTIBLES (releasing summer 2025)
-Three stand-alone humorous absurdist fantasy books for 8-12 year old readers:
 The Only Thing Worse Than Witches, Pilfer Academyand Wizardmatch

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