The Mythics #2: Hailey and the Dragon

Case Closed author Lauren Magaziner and artist Mirelle Ortega return for the second installment in the highly illustrated middle grade fantasy series full of action, adventure, friendship, and mythical creatures.

After Pairing Day didn’t go as planned for the Mythics—Marina, Hailey, Kit, Ember, and Pippa—they embrace their journey to find their Mythies and save Terrafamilar. Hailey has always known she was destined for adventure, and after watching Marina and Ember unite with their mythical animal familiars, she’s more than ready to embark on her quest.

Buzzing with excitement and running full speed ahead, Hailey is still adjusting to being part of a team. She’s used to leading the charge on her own, but now she has four other girls she can count on—and she’ll need them on this journey.

Golden Jumpsuit is after the Mythics, and she might have allies all over Terrafamiliar. How will Hailey and the Mythics figure out who to trust when they’re still working on trusting each other? The fate of Terrafamiliar is in their hands.


"A fun first installment in a new series that will prime readers for more." — Kirkus Reviews

"This swashbuckling adventure is the perfect entry point into a new literary world." — Booklist

"Readers, prepare to embark on an exciting quest complete with daring adventures, mythical creatures, and an unstoppable group of friends! With THE MYTHICS: MARINA AND THE KRAKEN, Lauren Magaziner unleashes an epic new
series about the power of friendship and finding what makes you special."
— Booki Vivat, New York Times bestselling author of the FRAZZLED series

"Lauren Magaziner's
Mythics is exactly the kind of book I would have wanted as
a kid—magical, adventurous, heartwarming, and empowering. I love each
of the five heroines, and
I adore this series!"
— Tae Keller, Newbery Award Winning author of WHEN YOU TRAP A TIGER

"Magical creatures meets
the super girl squad meets awesomeness! Full of characters impossible not to love, THE MYTHICS is a witty and action-packed adventure about the
power of friendship and
embracing who you are."
— Amanda Foody, New York Times bestselling author of the WILDERLORE series


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